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How to do a Proper Financial Planning?

Whether it is about achieving your life's goals or about running your life smoothly during good and bad times, a good financial plan can be of great help. This is why financial advisor San Ramon always encourages a good financial plan that can get you far. It is the only way one can achieve [...]

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Finding a Life Settlement Company

If a situation arises wherein you have to sell your life insurance policy, you will come in contact with life Settlement Company. They will ask for required documentation and paperwork once you have filled the application, the company then brings an offer, if it suits you they will pay you cash and will take [...]

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What Are the Different Types of Loans?

Loans have been around for centuries. And although they’ve changed a lot throughout the years, one thing is certain - their purpose remains the same. In essence, a loan is an amount of borrowed money that’s intended for repayment within a given period of time. The intricacies of loans differ from type to type, [...]

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The Truth Behind Collection Agencies

Let’s admit it. The thought of debt collectors is scary. I’m sure you’ve heard at least one or two horror stories about collection agencies, and you’re not alone. Banks, debtors, collection agencies, and everyone under the same line of business have always had a bad reputation. Due to a history of poor customer service, [...]

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What’s the big deal with ISAs?

Moving to the UK isn’t as much of a culture shock as you’d expect. Everyone here may drive on the wrong side of the road, and the metric system required some mental gymnastics for the first few weeks, but some things are actually much simpler, especially when it comes to money and saving. *Quick [...]

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8 Money Habits Keeping You in a Payday Loan Debt

The Lannisters always pay their debts. What about you? Are you struggling to pay your debts? We all wish that we can reach Uncle Scrooge levels of richness, yet the harsh financial reality proves to be contrary. Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you’ve been struggling with your finances. With 66 percent [...]

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Jail Time for Past Due Debt, Is it True?

Yes, it is. You land in jail not for your actual unpaid debt, but for your failure to comply with the legal process that actually leads to your imprisonment. It is definitely an important difference. There was a time when debtor’s prisons were legal in the U.S. and they really could imprison you for not paying [...]

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Five Spending Habits That Lead to Debt

Debt is not something that is just happening accidentally or coincidentally as you go about your daily living. Certain spending habits are around that lead to debt. Recognizing these Five Spending habits could save you a lot of money and stress at a later stage. For the purpose of creation of more debt and [...]

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