Introduction to Accelerated Financial Solutions

A lot of agencies out there earn this industry, a bad name. This company not only provides 2nd to none recovery rates, but also do so in a compliant way.

The mindset of their representatives is that of a consumer advocate. They coach the customers on the steps they intend to take in a fair, firm and professional way.

They also build relationships with the customers to help them become better & more loyal customers for your business.

Having a professional recovery firm allows you to provide separation by simply making your customers aware that your sales system just automatically kicks it to collections at a certain default date. They are experts in handling the uncomfortableness of asking for payment in full or a payment arrangement that is fair.

Where they really excel is technology, software and proprietary websites that allow them to recover out all competition.

Many businesses only place their accounts with one collection agency, forever. That agency more than likely just sends a letter during ‘tax season’ and does nothing else.

Give this firm a shot on some of your older unpaid accounts, that have already been through your current collection agency. Wouldn’t it make sense to at least give them some competition? Either way, your business wins.

Accelerated Financial Solutions Contact Details

Tel: 757-542-4136
Sales: 864-350-6994
Address: 55 Monette Parkway, Smithfield, VA 23430

Customer Reviews of Accelerated Financial Solutions

Read the below mentioned BBB review in which the customer got a rude and harsh treatment from the management upon showing disinterest in their services due to being a total misfit for them:

Harassment by Accelerated Financial Solutions

  • Harassing, oppressing, and abusing, including usage of threats of physical violence, obscene language, or repeatedly calling you with the intention of annoying you.
  • Lying, including telling you they are from the government, that someone will come and throw you in jail or “debtors prison”, that they work for a credit reporting company, that the papers they sent you are legal forms if they are not, or are not legal forms if they are;
  • Telling you they intend to sue you when they don’t have that intention.
  • Telling you they will seize your salary or property unless they have the legal authority to do so.
  • Sending you a document that looks like it is coming from a court or government agency.
  • Providing you with a false company name, or otherwise claim to be someone they are not; or;
  • Trying to collect interest or fees unless your contract or state law allows the imposition of interest or fees.
  • Using threats of violence or harm to the person, property, or reputation.
  • Advertising your debt or publish a list of consumers, who refuse or otherwise do not pay their debts, except to a credit reporting agency.
  • Using profanity or obscene language.
  • Informing your employer or others of your debts.
  • Calling someone without identifying themselves.
  • Repeatedly using the telephone to annoy or harass someone or ring the phone constantly.
  • Contacting you directly when you are represented by an attorney.
  • Contacting you after you have sent a written request to the debt collector demanding that communications is ceased.

How to Handle Accelerated Financial Solutions?

  • Negotiate the Debt: If you can’t pay back the debt, you might be able to negotiate your debt by paying back a smaller amount in exchange for the creditor forgiving what remains. First, make sure you’re negotiating with the entity that owns your debt, whether that’s the collection agency or the original creditor. When negotiating, you can offer to make a lump sum payment or create a new payment plan with more flexibility. But, remember that the creditor doesn’t have to make a deal with you. If you do reach an agreement, make sure you get it in writing, so you have proof of the terms if the creditor ever comes back and says you still owe money.
  • Pay off the Negotiated Debt in Full: The next straightforward way to deal with debt in collections is to pay off what you negotiated. Make sure you’re paying the right party, however. If your debt has been sold, you can’t just pay the original creditor, because the collection agency owns the debt now. Know that paying off your debt might not affect your credit score. Your credit report will be updated to show that the collection account has been paid off, but the information will remain on your report for seven years after the original delinquency date.

How Can Debt Academy Help You?

By entering into Debt Academy’s debt settlement program, you agree to have Debt Academy negotiate with creditors on your behalf. As part of this program, you’ll stop making payments to your creditors and begin making one monthly payment into an account set up by Debt Academy. You have to stop making payments because companies only settle the delinquent debt.


  • Debt Academy Can Lower the Amount You Owe: This is the main motivation of Debt Academy. If you’ve amassed a large amount of debt, entering Debt Academy’s settlement program has the potential to cut that amount by 40 percent or more. For example, if you have $30,000 in debt, Debt Academy’s settlement program can cut the amount to as little as $16,000 before fees.
  • It Can Lower Your Monthly Payments: When you enter Debt Academy’s debt settlement program, you’ll begin making payments into a new account set up by Debt Academy. Often, this has a side effect of lowering your total monthly payments, which can be helpful if you’ve been overextending yourself month over month.