Introduction to Accelerated Receivables Management

Accelerated Receivables Management, Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida based third-party collection agency that handles consumer and commercial accounts. They invite your company for the partnership as they are capable of improving your cash flow, maximize bad debt recovery while reducing your labor and associated overhead expenses.

They utilize cutting-edge collection software as well as hardware with one of the most efficient databases available to the industry. They pride themselves on a customer-service oriented approach while strictly abiding by all the state and federal laws applicable to third-party debt collection.

Why is ARM unique?

The company founder, Fran Landau, is an attorney with 28 years of litigation experience, representing companies like yours in collection litigation. Ms. Landau is on-site, guiding and supervising a well-coordinated team of collectors, legal assistants and bookkeeping and data-entry personnel.

The management team is rounded out by Larry Jacobs, Collection Manager and Judi Parent, Litigation Team Lead. Mr. Jacobs has over 25 years of collection and banking experience, including working as a branch manager and overseeing credit extension. Ms. Parent also has over 25 years of collection litigation experience, having worked in a corporate legal department, in private practice and as a Clerk with the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Florida.

The management team works to ensure that staff training is thorough and on-going monthly. All staff members are expected to not only honor the law, but also the spirit of the law with respect to the FDCPA and HIPAA. With that philosophy in mind, the staff is continually trained and updated on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, HIPAA, FTC regulations, the Florida “Little FTC” and all confidentiality and privacy regulations.

The ARM is a proud member of American Collectors Association, the premier organization of credit and collection professionals. Fran Landau is also a member of the ACA’s Member Attorney Program.

The ARM has no placement or set-up fees and no administration charges. There are no minimum or maximum numbers of accounts that can be placed at one time, and no minimum or maximum dollar amounts for placements. Our fees are contingent. If there is no collection, there is no fee. (Unless we arrange special pre-collect or early out programs that are fee-based and not contingent.) Call today for the reviewing and assessing of your collection needs and account paperwork.

Accelerated Receivables Management Contact Details

Address: 4811 Beach Blvd. Suite 100
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Office: (904) 398-8705
Toll-Free: 1-800-250-8546

Customer Reviews of Accelerated Receivables Management

Read the below mentioned BBB review in which the customer experienced immense rudeness of the team members despite telling them about making arrangements to pay off their debts:

Harassment by Accelerated Receivables Management

  • Using or threatening to use physical violence
  • Performing or threatening to take illegal actions to damage the debtor’s reputation or property
  • Use of obscene or profane language
  • Making repeated phone calls to annoy, abuse, or harass anyone answering the phone
  • Publishing or threatening to publish the debtor’s name on lists of debtors

(This does not include reporting information to a credit reporting agency).

  • Advertising to sell the debt in an effort to coerce payment
  • Threatening to take action that the creditor does not intend to do, such as threatening a lawsuit without intending to sue
  • Calling debtors without properly disclosing their identity
  • Making calls at inconvenient times, especially before 8 AM or after 9 PM
  • Contacting a debtor if the collector knows the debtor has retained an attorney
  • Contacting debtor’s workplace if an employer prohibits such communications
  • Contacting, or threatening to contact third parties such as relatives, neighbors, employers without express permission (except consumer reporting agencies and attorneys)
  • Contacting the debtor after the debt collector has been notified in writing to cease communication (unless to inform the debtor that collection efforts are being terminated, or to inform the debtor of certain actions that the collector intends to perform to which it is entitled under law)
  • When communicating through the mail, using a postcard or placing information on the envelope that visibly indicates that the source is a debt collector

How to Handle Accelerated Receivables Management?

When you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay prohibits the debt collectors from taking action against you. Once you obtain your discharge order, which eliminates all of your dischargeable debts, debt collectors are barred from pursuing collection activity against you. However, it is possible that a collector may try to contact you even after your discharge order has been entered. Below are a few suggestions for how to handle the collector if this happens:

  • In most cases, the debt collector has simply made a mistake that can easily be resolved.
  • Review your bankruptcy pleadings to confirm that the creditor was listed in your case with a valid mailing address.
  • Verify that your discharge order was entered and filed with the court. If you are not sure whether you have received your discharge, your bankruptcy attorney or the court clerk can assist you. It is essential to keep a copy of your discharge order with your important records.
  • It is important to understand that there are a few types of debt that cannot be discharged. Thus, you should confirm that the debt that the collector is seeking to collect, is dischargeable. The majority of consumer debts such as credit cards and medical bills, is dischargeable.
  • If the creditor was listed in your bankruptcy pleadings, the debt being collected, was dischargeable, and you properly received your discharge order, you should contact the creditor and inform them. It is helpful to provide the creditor with a copy of your discharge order.
  • It is wise to confirm your conversation with the debt collector in a follow-up letter. Be sure to mention that you provided a copy of your discharge order. Keep a copy of this letter for your records.

How Can Debt Academy Help You?

A debt settlement program offered by Debt Academy has its process with many steps. Here’s the breakdown:

Initial Consultation: Upon calling Debt Academy, you will speak to an IAPDA certified debt specialist. They’ll assess your existing debt situation, including whether you’re current on your payments, how much outstanding debt is on you, and how much you are paying every month. Often they’ll do a soft pull on your credit to look at your individual creditors and how much you owe each of them.

SignUp and Enroll: After your agreement to initiate a program, Debt Academy evaluates your finances and figures out how much you can put out toward the program every month.

Stop Paying Creditors and Make Deposits: You’ll need to stop paying your creditors for a debt settlement plan to be effective. Debt Academy will be the one that will make an offer to your creditors.

Debt Academy Begins Negotiations: After about 6 months, Debt Academy will start the process of negotiating with your creditors. They’ll make settlement offers and notify you in case a settlement offer is accepted by the creditors.

Pay the Creditors (as well as Debt Academy): Once the offer is accepted, you’ll transfer the finalized amount from your account to the creditors. Since 2010, the settlement industry has turned its back from advance fees. You’ll have to pay a decided percentage of the settled debt. The amount can vary depending on the state you reside in, as some states have caps on the percentage they can charge.