Handling of Financial Collection of Tennessee

Refer to the information below if you are contacted by the Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc.,

This debt collection company is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Having their establishment in 2007, they host a major employee strength that is between 50 to 99. As per the digitized litigation records in the maintenance of the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) website, people with apprehensions of being harassed by Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc. responded with court actions of their own.

If they contact you and warn you of ruining your credit when you deny the disbursement of a debt that is not owed by you, hiring a consumer attorney is the best option. In case of filing a claim in opposition to Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc., potentially you could win $1,000 per FDCPA violation, along with the related costs, so acting on your own rights can get you the deserving compensation.

Asserted Contraventions in Opposition to Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc.

Robert Kumnick and Karen Kumnick vs. Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc.

As per the analysis of PACER, in November 2010 Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc. mailed a collection letter to Tennessee residents Robert and Karen Kumnick in regards to alleged fitness membership debt. Originally Mr. Kumnick had taken out the membership but became resolute that he had revoked it and did not owe the money.

A collector – Mr. Jones called Mr. Kumnick’s mobile phone on November 22, and left a message on his voice mail simply stating that he was calling on an “urgent matter.” Upon calling back “Mr. Jones”, Robert Kumnick received a response that he and Karen owed “just under $300.00.”

again on May 5, 2011, another collector by the name “Brad Hurt,” made a call on Karen Kumnick’s mobile phone and left an uncertain voicemail purportedly. Upon returning the call, he intentionally swore and warned to “spoil” her credit unless she paid the alleged debt.

Frustrated due to harassment caused by Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc., the Kumnicks appointed a consumer attorney and put the company under a lawsuit for intentionally violating the FDCPA mentioned below:

  • Making use of deceptive, false and misguiding ways of debt collection
  • Debt discussion with third parties not involved.

Financial Collection Agency of Tennessee, Inc., Contact Details

5705 Stage Road
Suite 102
Memphis, TN 38134
United States
Phone: 1-901-366-7189

Customer Reviews

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Debt Academy as a Helping Hand

Debt Academy is a top business collection agency that is efficiently skilled to handle the service of debt collection. They ideally make sound investigations prior to your getting into an agreement with them. They explore your status in the industry. Before tying up with you, they do the verification of your experience, credentials, and goodwill. Many of their existing and former customers are having good impressions about them.

One of the main benefits of working with Debt Academy is that you just have to pay a percentage of the debt cleared when they effectively collect the file offered to them by you. On the other hand, this percentage may undergo fluctuation with the debt amount and the level of the possible complication in the collection.

Debt Academy is acquainted with the most professional methods of cash collection from people not ready to pay back. To illustrate, in the initial stage they begin with posting letters to your borrower and begin updating them around the fines of not reimbursing. This is followed by taking authorized steps. They are familiar with getting requisite court orders, concerning the property or income reductions of the debtors. Moreover, there can be an acquisition of requisite court orders for the performance of inspections on the debtor. Debt Academy collects all the financial information as regards, invoices, bank accounts, and mails photocopies, any promissory comments, records of payments, as well as additional transactions that are permitted officially.

Debt Academy holds expertise in pursuing the individuals and businesses still owing money on debts. They tend to work for creditors or for money mongers and will then make an attempt to return these groups’ cash for a remuneration or just a percentage of that money. Debt Academy extensively makes use of proficient debt collectors, especially for those who lend a lot of money like banks, debt combination services, mortgage companies, car financing companies, etc. Debt Academy makes use of experts in the field having the outright know-how of your legal rights as a money lender along with a lot more knowledge in fetching your money back in the most probable efficient form.