The company was founded in 2002 and they have become the leading debt collection agency today. They are headquartered in NYC, Westchester County and have satellite offices in Tulsa, OK, Roseville, MN, and Phoenix. These office branches enable them to collect consumer debts for various creditors, banks, credit cards and utilities all over the country.

CPS buys collection accounts for pennies on the dollar. Cavalry tries to collect even debts which are past the statute of limitations for collections. In law, this means that you don’t have to pay the debt. However, you can send them a cease letter to get them to stop collecting the debt. Check out your state’s exact laws on statutes of limitations and how they can affect debt collections if this actually sounds like it might be applicable to your situation.

Cavalry Portfolio Services Review

BBB reported 265 closed cavalry portfolio services complaints over the past few years as of March 2017. Over the past 12 months, there have been 106 complaint closures.

In addition to that, 43 CPS complaints were listed by Justia and filed in federal court in the past year, alleging violations of the fair debt collection practices act. One of them alleged the violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the other two alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

In other news, 245 CPS complaints closed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as of 2016.

There are several reviews about Cavalry Portfolio Services on BBB. Some complainants shared their problems and views when they have been contacted by CPS.

Cavalry Portfolio Services
harassing by creditors
You can see that one of the complainants alleged that this agency is very unprofessional about collecting debts.

cavalry portfolio services


Cavalry Portfolio Services
500 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 400
Valhalla, NY 10595

Phone: 1-800-501-0909


Dealing with Cavalry Portfolio Services
Many ways can be used so as to deal with CPS. You can always send them an expired SOL notification letter if you believe that the debt is expired and that you are being contacted about an old account. By doing this, it allows them to know that they are dealing with an informed consumer and giving you threats about suing you for the debt you owed won’t function. For that, they will be off your back for some time.

However, you should first consult about the debt validation if the debt has not yet expired and you think that you actually owe them money. This can be done by sending them a debt validation letter. You have to seek legal advice from the state attorney general if they refuse to validate the date.

A clear sign that they are violating the law is when they continue to contact you about the debt even before they respond to your verification request. You should bring government authorities in the mix if this happens and they don’t want to hear you out. You can also report them to the FTC in addition to your state’s general attorney.

How to get CPS out of your credit report?

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With Debt Academy, every debt will be removed from your credit report. Contact us for a successful dispute process as you don’t have to deal with agencies like CPS on your own. We are always happy to assist you, just give us a call today. Our business can help you deal with Cavalry Portfolio Services without us charging you even a single cent for consultation.