Contacted By FH Cann & Associates, Inc.? What You Need to Know is Right Here.

A debt collector threatening to get you some jail time or garnish your wages in case you don’t pay what is demanded? Well, it’s ok to feel alarmed. The most important thing to understand in such a time is that unable to pay a debt is not a crime.

What exactly is illegal, are these threats.

Know Your Rights Under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, handles what third-party debt collectors may say and do when they in the process of collecting a consumer debt. Here are the prohibited collection activities:

  • Demanding amounts is unlawful or the original creditor agreement
  • Establishing contact with someone at work after a request is placed to avoid doing so.
  • Delivering threats to spoil your credit forever
  • Calling you names and swearing
  • Sharing details with uninvolved parties like your family, friends, and co-workers regarding debt
  • Pretending to be from law enforcement

Corporation Profile: F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc.

If you are being contacted by F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc. the information about the company is given below.

F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc. – a debt collection company which is located in North Andover, Massachusetts was established in 1999. They have around 73 employees, and its President, Sheri Cann, manages them. According to their website, they are a member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.

The digitized litigation records at the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) website verifies that people who believed that the F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc. has been harassing them, turned the tables against the company by confronting them in court.

Alleged Violations against F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc.

Ouriel Ezra and all others who had faced similar situations vs. F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc.*

In accordance to PACER, around July 11, 2016, the agency officially sent a collection letter to Ouriel Ezra, who is a New York resident. The letter was intended to seek the payment for a credit card debt which was allegedly owed to Santander Bank.

The card accumulated the inflicted interest and the late fees, but the letter failed to signify whether those implicated fees were continuing to grow, leaving Mr. Ezra absolute clueless about how much he in fact owed.

With a feeling of being harassed by F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc., he decided to go for a debt consultancy and sued the company for violating the FDCPA in the below mentioned ways:

  • Unable to clear the exact owed amount
  • Taking help of deceptive, false, and misleading ways for debt collection
  • Unsuccessful to validate the debt

The case resolved later.

Here are the phone numbers for this debt collection agency:

  • 1-877-750-9800
  • 1-877-750-9801
  • 1-978-215-3601

If you see any of these numbers flashing on your caller ID any time, it is clear that you are being called by F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc. and are believed to owe a debt. In case they don’t make it clear that whether the owed debt has the potential to increase and leave you with more than what you have expected, the best choice would be to take professional help of a debt consultancy.

The FDCPA needs the collection agencies to show complete transparency with the amounts owed. A claim against F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc. could potentially get you $1,000 per FDCPA violation, so when a collection agency tries to push you to a corner, don’t hesitate to allow the law help you push them back.

*Case taken from PACER (

Case file number 1:17-cv-00572-AMD-RML (the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York).

 Disclaimer: The given content in this article has a clear objective of providing information and one should refrain from using it as a legal advice. If you go for filing a claim against F.H. Cann & Associates, Inc., Inc., or any other collection agency, you might not be entitled to any reimbursement.