The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been passed by the Federal Trade to stop the mistreatment from the collection agencies. Many of them use the tricks and harassment purportedly to get their money back. Companies trouble the debtors in these ways because they don’t want to bury the cost of the purchased debt in the ground.

While contacting you the first time, a collection agency has to send you the debt collection letter within the five days, detailing the original creditors. What you need to do if you think it’s going wrong. The FDCPA include the possible violations.

  • Using any tone which indicates rudeness or obscenity.
  • Calling you at your workplace without your permission or keep you calling 24/7 even in the off timings.
  • Sending a written request to stop calling, then they also buzz you all the time.
  • Giving all the details about your debt to your friends and family.
  • Offering their fake details to you.
  • Forcing you to pay the false amount of your debt that you don’t owe.
  • Threatening you by telling that they can take legal action, intentionally or unintentionally.

The First Source Advantage is an international company with their offices located in a number of cities, including Amherst, New York, India, London, Sri Lanka, Kentucky, and the Philippines. the firm has been into existence for almost 40 years and has 1200 employees. It works with the large scale credit card companies.

Laws First Source Advantage Has Been Accused of Breaking

The First Source Advantage is accredited with Better Business Bureau, but from the past few years, they have received more than 100 complaints.

Complaints received by the agency for allegedly:-

  • Informing the personal details about the debt to the friends and family.
  • Trying to collect a paid debt.
  • Lying about the debt that has been already paid and doesn’t report to the original creditors about this.
  • Refusing the requests to stop contacting.
  • Using the abusive language, behaving rudely, or verbally harassing.
  • Threatening by telling that they can remove the money from bank account without authorization.
  • Calling on workplace at unreasonable time.
  • Attempting to collect the debt that a customer doesn’t owe and that don’t exist.
  • Collecting the extra fees.

What to Do if the First Source Advantage Tries to Collect a Debt from You

Under the FDCPA, you have the rights. If you want that the company should stop contacting you, you just need to send a request in writing. After the First Source Advantage receives your request, you need to record the date and time of every call you get because it could be a violation. Remember that ceasing the contact will not allow the cancelation of the debt that you owed.

There are two sources to stop the contact request, the First Source Advantage is allowed to confess that they won’t call you time and again or they will take action against you. This is often when they will call you to the court.

During the case, a judge could declare you guilty and force you to pay financial punishments like for trimming your wages, freeze the bank accounts or force your bank to pay the money without your authorization. To fight with these, don’t ever miss the orders given by the judge. If you don’t go there, the case will be defaulted automatically.

There are numerous debt informational websites which suggest that taking the professional help can guide you into the direction of protecting yourself in the court while supporting your rights and get you the money that you deserve. You can receive 1000$ for every violation of the FDCPA. If you find any signs that the First Source Advantage is abusing your rights, contact FDCPA attorney. An attorney can help you to collect new evidence, guides, and defend you in a court law.

The customer complains are from the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs websites.

Disclaimer: The given content in this article has a clear objective of providing information and one should refrain from using it as a legal advice. If you go for filing a claim against First Source Advantage or any other collection agency, you might not be entitled to any reimbursement.