Bringing professionalism is the motto of Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage Inc.,along with compassion, credibility, respectability, integrity, privacy, and honesty to the industry of debt collection as well as financial assortments in Alaska. They even comply with the rules of the FDCPA. Their collection agency in Alaska is concentric on providing assistance to both the borrower as well as the customer towards achievement of the best objective for all financial assortments in the region.

They make use of a low-key approach towards debt collection for the purpose of encouragement of borrowers in the context that their best interest lies in cleaning up or prevention of further damage to their credit profile. Simultaneously, they are making an attempt for the achievement of the best recovery for their client. Their headquarter is in Alaska, where they operate their agency of debt collection with stability.

They have been in this line of profession since 1976 and have skills in fiscal assortments. Most of their collections are in the medical industry and they have obligations under the HIPAA (The Healthcare Information Privacy Accountability Act). Their assortment center in Alaska is acceptable to the forwarded assortments from
other states with a wide variety of assortments as well in other fields.

They have the membership with Better Business Bureau, Western Collector’s Association, American Collector’s Association, ACA Health Services, ACA International (The Association of Credit & Collection Professionals) and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Also, they are supportive to special Olympics, St. Jude, Mid-valley Wrestling and numerous PTA and youth groups. They have proved to be an asset to their community.

The company of debt assortments makes use of the latest services of obligatory assortments for the reduction of your utilized time on past due accounts. They are in this line of business for over 32 years and have gained much of know-how along the way. They are familiar with diverse ways of mediation in the midst of you and your borrowers for providing you assistance in coping up with your assortment objectives.

  • Enhanced proceeds
  • Augmented efficiency of staff time
  • Acclaim reporting
  • Superior skip tracing
  • Ongoing mail address corrections
  • Potential legal action

Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage Inc. Contact Address:

Address : 629 L St # 201, Anchorage, AK 99501, USA
Hours : Open today ·  8 AM–6 PM
Phone : +1 907-274-6683

If Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage, Inc. gives you a call, mentioned below, is the information about the company:

The debt collection company of Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage, Inc. has its location in Anchorage Alaska. Having its establishment in 1976, it has less than 10 employees and is managed by its president, Mary E. Fichtner. As per the records on file at the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) website, people took the agency to the court when they were harassed by this collection agency.

The FDCPA passed in 1977 for dealing with an epidemic of abusive conduct by debt collectors of third parties. Since then, with the use of methods mentioned below for the settlement of a debt have been illegal under federal law:

  • Making use of disrespectful or indecent language
  • Legal actions threatening that carry no specific intention
  • Issuing warnings of your arrest for not disbursing your debts
  • Falsification of information report to the bureaus of credit.
  • Calling you during odd hours and at inconvenient places, like prior to 8:00 a.m. and
    after 9:00 p.m. in your time zone
  • Calling you at your workplace subsequent to your telling them about not being able
    to take personal calls there.

If your caller ID shows, it means you have been called by the collection agency. If they are not clear as regards the person to whom you owe money, you must go for hiring a consumer attorney. In case of your filing a claim in opposition to Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage, Inc. with the assistance of your attorney and become victorious, you are entitled to a potential reward of $1,000 per FDCPA violation, in addition to court-related costs. Never you ought to allow to be pushed around whilst fighting back can be rewarding to you.

The Role of Debt Academy

Debt Academy is skilled to save the reputation of the clients, thereby, saving them funds. They work as an extension of the staff of your business, thus, cutting down the expenses in relation to collection efforts. They make use of their name at the time of your borrowers in requisition of an extra effort for providing them assistance in making payments. Whenever requisite, Debt Academy makes a lawsuit that even cuts down the expenses of your company. The agency works with honesty, integrity, and accountability. They have a belief that by giving their customers the deserving honesty and respect, they can rise from their suggestions and feedback. There is an unconditional guarantee of getting personal, dependable, and honest service. Deserving care and respect is given to their esteemed clients. They have a comprehension that their clients deserve individual and equal attention along with a personal touch not provided by enormous companies. Additionally, credit reporting is even provisional by Debt Academy.

Debt Academy is acquainted with the collection methodologies that are most efficient for getting cash out of people who are not willing to pay back. To illustrate they will mail letters by updating them of their due payments along with penalties of not reimbursing. This will be followed by taking authorized steps. They are aware of getting the requisite court orders that concern the debtor’s property or reduces his earnings. Essential court orders can be acquired to perform requisite inspections of the borrower.