Since 1998, diverse businesses have been provided by Financial Data Systems in North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and the surrounding states with the collections in the industry that are the most comprehensive, professional, and successful. FDS is built on an integrity and compassion basis and has continually exceeded the expectations for both the on-time client debt recovery and the staff’s helpfulness.

They provide the large national agency reserves with the personal touch and a small local facility customer service. FDS treats debtors like human beings in lieu of just a number. This unique approach has let them sustain a successful collection rate that has been considered unparalleled by their competition.

The latest technology is employed by FDS for the assurance of timely collection of debts, towards continuous information of the client throughout the process. DAKCS is the collection software, employed by them, and among other collection software, it is the leader in quality and performance. Comprehensive financial control is offered by DAKCS, having unique report features, inclusive of over 115 standard reports. This outright automated system lets their personnel devote their time in the assortment of your funds without calling manually and downloading accounts.

Financial Data Systems Contact Details

For sales inquiries:
[email protected]
910-392-2998 ext 1104

For questions, comments or speak further, please call:

To make a payment by telephone, please call 877-749-7229.
Financial Data Systems
PO Box 688
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Customer Reviews


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Read another below-mentioned BBB & Google review in which the customer’s personal SSN was accessed and charged for services of the company with which he had no contract:


FDS makes use of phone calls methodology to cause harassment to the debtors, leading to the stress to pay arrears. The troublesome behavior of FDS might be inclusive of the following:

  • Giving phone calls at dinner time or during holidays causing inconvenience.
  • Calling at odd hours, before 8 A.M and after 9 P.M or any other inconvenient time.
  • Calling with the use of obscene or yelling language
  • Calling place of work at odd hours.

To find out more about when and where the debt collection agents can and cannot contact you, consult the FDCPA. If FDS calls you harassingly, take each phone call’s time and take notes. Taping phone calls are allowed in some states, whereas it is illegal in others. You can again request or have a word with FDS in the inscription to stop contacting you by phone and only communicate with you by correspondence.

How to Handle?

  • Enhance Customer Understanding Devoid of any Hazard: As per the latest survey of Vanson Bourne, 64% of respondents objected to entering into business transactions with FDS coming across law breach to steal other’s financial information. It is imperative for the FSIs to enhance their loyalty by giving a guarantee that the personal information is going to be kept confidential. This will be an introduction to the understanding that is in need for customers as regards the formation of their single view, identification of prospects of upselling and cross-selling, along with the assurance of competitive advantage.
  • Move Safely to the Cloud: The active management of data ability along with its access control confidently enables FSIs to drift to the public cloud. The average cost savings made by doing this, according to CEB/McKinsey finds that even if it is for current data center capabilities bursting or replacement, can be as much as 30%.
  • Customer Data Control without Conciliation of their Confidentiality: FSIs are flexible enough to protect sensitive information. So while protecting the sensitive data of the existing and potential customers, they can engage with them in a more omnichannel and digital method.
  • Keeping Away from Rigid Obedience Concerns: FSIs adopt a design approach to protecting customer information towards taking privacy. This has the implication that coping up with the strict obedience concerns of PCI DSS, GDPR, and GLBA in the US, PSD in the EU and the UK’s FCA can be simplified. The enhancing penalties for noncompliance are the consequence of fines under GDPR reaching 4% of annual global turnover.

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