Do you believe, that you have what it takes to be the real deal?!

Well on, Finance has a sense of attitude! You can’t keep it in grip if you think you can lower your expenses easily only by switching from lifestyles to lifestyles! Finally falling down with a huge thud, with no money personality at all!

Don’t know the terms yet? Money personality and financial attitude?

Understanding these will actually help you to save more by lowering your monthly expenses!

What’s the financial attitude?

It is what makes you psychologically stable and imbeds in you strong money affirmations! So, it’s completely up to you to make the change!

Have firm belief in money! But, as Floyd said, “Careful, with that Axe Eugene”!

Make yourself believe this over and over again, that you and money have a wonderful bondage, and nothing in this infinite world can break it!

You love money, and money loves you back! It’s that simple and beautiful!

Hold onto your financial attitude! Never go broke, and always stay in the black!

Have the capability to fight every circumstance, and ultimately prioritize savings more than your power of spending!

Timeless fairy thoughts don’t go well with money man! Money is the crudest reality we humans believe in!

Be honest, faithful, responsible, do hard work, and charge the rightful money for your labor!

Know your limits and spend accordingly! At the end of the day, you should have more worth left to reflect on, than a pile of useless garbage fakely showcasing your status!!

Therefore, financial attitude is what you should grow first, and then plan on how to consolidate your bills.

What money personality should you have to cut down on expenses?

Next comes the money personality, that I am about to talk!

Money personality is all about controlling your inflow and outflow of money. You have a specific income, then you should also be able to specify and manipulate your expenses.

Always do your expenses, with a concern that this money will never come back!

Divide your expenses into two parts!

Fixed expenses and negotiable expenses!

Your fixed expenses count in your bills and debt payments! These just do not include your entertainment bills!

Your negotiable expenses are those that you can bend as per your demand and wish! All these are your luxury costs and expenses happening out of your ‘wants’ and not your ‘needs’!
Cancel your Comcast bill if required!
Reduce water bill based on your usage.
The same goes when planning out groceries.
Avoid frequent eat outs, and mostly get your food home cooked!

Now, follow a budget, if things sound a bit difficult!

List the expenses, and allocate fixed amounts to each of your expenses! Use the envelope system if required!
After subtracting the expenses from your income, with whatever’s left, dedicate most of it towards savings. This way you will be surely stripping down your monthly expenses, and save more money each month!

You can also try out different investment options with that saving of yours!

Make your money work, like it’s in your command, and you are the boss! Buy objects that appreciate in value! Avoid making unnecessary expenses that only pull money for no good point at all!

Before I end, here’s a master tip for you!
Avoid credit cards by any means! They are the troublemakers and they are the problem!

Use cash, and pay instantly, for the most of your purchases! That’s when you will win, and that’s how you will stay ahead of the others when it comes to financial independence!