The battle with debt and credit issues can be fierce, and you might take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one who is going through this rough patch of life or financial experience. Well, there are a lot of countries in the world that would give anything to put their name on the list of debt-free countries.

When you’re dealing face to face with this type of financial disaster, listening to another person’s successful credit story can make you work towards your story of recovery.

What if you’ll find no one who has gone through this devastating experience?


You are in luck, as you don’t need a direct connect. All thanks to the world of Internet, testimonial videos that actually relates to your existing situation is far easier to find than you think.

So whether it is a low credit score, unemployment, debt, or any other financial issue that you’re dealing with, the stories you’ll find online will prove to be educational and a practical resource for fixing financial affairs.

Watching or reading the testimonial of a credit crisis survivor can make a huge difference in your life. It can help you understand that your credit does matter, and it takes proper planning to overpower the financial hurdles.

Your motive should be to avoid repeating history. There is a lot to learn from those who have conquered over the financial problems. If you want to demolish debt and avoid future monetary issues, then it pays to get familiar with the habits of people who haven’t seen debt in their life.

The first and the foremost is that:

They Stay Away From Ego

Some people make their way into a credit card debt because of their desire to have the finest and newest of everything. Be it a car, an electronic gadget, or a house, some people have to match with the next door Smiths at all cost, even if it means sinking into debt up to the eyeballs.

They Practice Patience

People carrying no debt are more likely to be patient. They might have a credit card or a good savings account, which offers them the option of purchasing whatever they want. But this doesn’t mean they don’t understand the importance of saving up for the purchases. In fact, they buy when the price is right.

They Believe in Cash Deals

A credit card can be of a great help to build your credit history and it can also be used for emergency funds, especially when you’re low on cash. But for the most part, people who stay clear of debt, believe that cash is the king.

They prefer to save up and purchase an item rather than stuck in debt and deal with payments every month for years to come. This may take them longer to buy an item, but they feel rest assured that no huge payment hangs over their heads.

They Have Watchful Eyes for Interest Rates


Most of us need a loan to buy a house, car or pay for other essential things. Getting a loan isn’t bad at all, but people who are exclusive of debt make sure that they are able to clear their balances as quickly as possible.

They abide by their strict spending rules and only finance what they actually need while shopping around and comparing interest rates to keep their monthly payments manageable.

Comparison shopping can take more time and also extends the time frame of getting a loan, but they believe it’s much better to fetch an affordable loan than realizing down the road that they need financial help for debt relief because the payments are too much for their budget.

They Avoid The Bleeding-Dry Expenses

Some people face debt because of their dire urge of shopping uncontrollably. Whereas, others get into debt because they don’t have enough income to sustain their lifestyle. As a consequence, every expense piles up.

If you’re in a habit of getting coffee on your way to work every day, or if you’re going out to lunch with your coworkers every day, then you may be spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily every month.

Moreover, household services like housekeeping, cable, lawn care, etc. can bite your budget and leave you in the red every month. If you feel that your income isn’t enough to pay for these expenses, you might reach out for a credit card to close the gap.

Well, you need to assess your budget to see what you’re spending on and fine-tune your spending habits to create more disposable income while staying clear of any future debt.

They Plan for the Unexpected


Spending money is a much easier option than saving it. People who don’t have debt recognize the value of planning for the unforeseen. If you don’t have an emergency savings account, then it will only take one unexpected expense to push you more into debt. Take things seriously and make a habit of saving at least 10% of your salary.

To be financially successful demands a lot of work, and it can be cumbersome to improve your finances when you’re stuck deep in debt. Your situation might be bleak today, but with effective planning and maybe a debt reduction service plan, you can eliminate your debt and significantly recover your financial health in no time.

All in all, to lead a happy life on your terms, you need to realize that it is critically important to steer in the opposite direction of debt. Push the ignition today!

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