There are a lot of things we have in common with one another as humans on this planet—the need for water and food, somewhere to sleep at night, clothes to wear. For most of us, we also need a source of income. Sadly, money does make the world turn round.

And along with that understanding comes another one: many of us won’t have enough money to afford some of the previously mentioned necessities, as well as some of the nicer things in life. Sure you have enough for food, clothing, and maybe a bed, but do you have enough money to pay for a house? A car or some other means of transportation to get you to the job that pays for the food and clothes and maybe one day the house?

There are ways for us to pay for the car and the house and other more expensive items that we definitely don’t have enough liquid cash to pay for upfront. It’s called debt. And it’s likely that we all have it in one form or another.

We can borrow or spend money we don’t have to pay for things we need and things we want. But what happens when we overspend and can’t pay off our outstanding debts before interest starts to pile up? It can be overwhelming. But there is a solution:  debt consolidation. Keep reading to learn more about what a debt consolidation loan is and debt consolidation services that can help you manage your debt.

Debt Consolidation Loan: What is it?

Debt consolidation is a process that combines multiple debts from various bills, credit cards, high-interest loans, etc .into one loan with one monthly payment.

Why Consolidate Your Debt?

The pros of choosing this method of paying off debt may include:

  • Save Money on Interest: When you combine all your debts, you may be able to lock in a lower interest rate for the full amount, which can save you money.
  • Plenty of Time: A consolidation program can give you needed breathing room, because the consolidation loan pays off debts right away. Then you have months or years to finish paying it off.
  • Steady Payment Rate: Rather than juggling multiple bills for different amounts, you can plan for a single payment that stays the same.
  • Pay Down Debt Faster: Consolidating your debt allows you to choose the time period and payment plan that works for you, which can help you focus your efforts and get out of debt faster. Regular monthly payments keep you on schedule for getting out of debt.
  • Simplify: Consolidating your different accounts into one balance cuts out a lot of fluff. You won’t have to remember all the dates your bills are due; you’ll just have one new payment date for all the bills.

When handling something as important as your financial well-being, you want to be selective with who you approach about debt consolidation. Personal Loans is a trusted company with many years’ experience in the loan game. We can help you find the right avenue to take when considering debt consolidation. Speaking of, there are several different directions you can take to consolidate debt.

Consolidate Your Debt with Personal Loans

You can save hundreds of dollars if you consolidate your debt through a personal loan. Interest rates tend to be lower, and you simplify your bill-paying situation by combining all your outstanding and ongoing bills into one simple payment.

When it comes to taking out a personal loan, be sure you have a set plan in mind that you can stick to. After all, this is about getting out of debt quickly.

Debt Consolidation Services through Balance Transfers

Individual accounts tend to have higher interest rates, especially credit cards, store cards, etc. Transferring your balances into one consolidated account lowers that interest rate and keeps the price low.

Student Consolidation Loan

Have we mentioned that debt consolidation services lower your interest rates? Well, the same is true when considering consolidating your student loans.

You can also lower the amount you pay each month and cut out the difficulty of having to remember all the different dates you owe various payments on.

How to Consolidate Debt with Your Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan is a viable option for debt consolidation. You can borrow more money to pay off bigger loans, and with a fixed interest rate and low rates to boot, you can more easily make your regular payments with ease. At least, that’s the idea.

Debt Consolidation: Credit Card or Personal Loan?

The ultimate goal of debt consolidation is to reduce interest rates. If you have a good credit score, reducing your interest rates on a debt consolidation shouldn’t be a problem. However, you may need to go with another option should you have a bad credit score.

At Personal Loans, we can help you figure out which method will be best for you. Contact us today to find out the various debt consolidation options we offer, and get started taking control of your debt righ