Americans believe in having quality health care, which is why they continue sharply towards the latest advancement in the medical field. But sometimes, these quality health care services come at a steep (unexpected) price.

In accordance with the Consumer Reports, the person to person health care cost in the US rounds approximately two times as the rest of the world.


This means even you hold a health insurance, you’re still in the fog. Typically, what happens is that after your insurance company pays their share, there’s still a balance pending for which you are personally accountable. And for a majority of people, this sparks severe financial trouble.

The experts in the field of personal debt relief have found that medical expenses are counted amongst the major causes of all personal bankruptcies. And a myriad of filers had some form of health insurance.

So, what will be the optimum way to prevent the medical bills from demolishing your finances?

Research, and then Research Some More

A recent survey conducted in the country has indicated that more than one-third of Americans have been hit with “shocking” medical bills which they never knew were coming.

Nobody wants to face such a situation, and we hope neither you do.

So, you need to get prepared ahead of time in case of any medical procedure. And, you can do this by preparing a list of staff members who are involved in your treatment (e.g. Surgeon, doctor, anesthesiologist, etc.) and attain a written confirmation who state they accept your insurance.

And still, if you get a surprise medical bill, then this time you’ll be prepared to stand against it.

You can contact those who provide debt help in the USA to get the help you need, including the state’s Attorney General’s office, and the office of Insurance Regulation in your state.

The first section of this post has clearly shown that how sudden medical bills can turn your financial situation into a nightmare. Well, it’s not over yet. There’s more!

Here, the second part will do all the explaining.

Having a Baby? The Childbirth Costs, Don’t Expect to Know Yours

Most of us are well aware of the fact that childbirth costs a lot, but it’s almost impossible for consumers to actually find out just how much “a lot” is.

As childbirth is known to be the top reason for hospital admissions in the US and mostly being uncomplicated, one would think that information on how much an average birth costs would be readily accessible, but it’s not.

Unfortunately, this is a real issue for those who want to be ready financially in order to steer clear of debt related to the childbirth costs.

How To Shield Yourself

Know the final points that can help you defend yourself from fetching a big debt associated with medical expenses:

  • Be sure to get a complete list of professionals who will be treating you.
  • Written confirmation of your insurance coverage – the facility, the specific treatments, etc.
  • Get estimates. Difficult, but not impossible. This will enable you to save for the costs you look forward to having to pay out of pocket.
  • Try to arrange for a payment plan. Probably, the one that allows you to make monthly payments with minimum interest.
  • Negotiate if you can pay some of the bills, but not all. Remember, get the terms of the settlement in writing.
  • Try every possibility to avoid having your finances damaged by excessive medical bills. Reach out to those who can help you fight the bill.

Take preventative measures and also follow these tips to avoid medical bills that could potentially push your finances down in the ground.

Just in case you need any assistance, we are readily available for your help as a quick debt relief provider.

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