Crushing a dream is like unwanted weather.

Are you the person who believes in liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness! Still, keeping up your American dream alive? With the competitive rise in college costs every year, student debt becomes heavier only.

The bright side is that there are ways to pay off student loans and college scholarships.

Get the best idea below to tackle your debt and ignite your American dream.

American Dream is a national ethos, a revolutionary in the United States. The ideal belief that brings anyone, no matter origination, race, color or religion having their own way of success.

Getting the highest aspirations/goals to achieve where mobility and equality with opportunity are accessible for every individual.

The ultimate American Dream takes sacrifice, risks, serious dedication, in spite of luck maybe.

Is debt apt to reach the American Dream?

It depends on how a person handles it.

Yet, there are many people who believe that debt is important to reach the American Dream. People can relate to it because only a countable amount of people are able to afford homes or vehicles with cash money, which means pulling out a mortgage in homeownership.

Many young generations think as long as they are making payments on either car or vehicles, it’s cool to buy it. The main key to reaching an American Dream that young people should apply for is “sacrifice” until you succeed.

This means putting off your car for rent, limiting your budgets, to acquire the wealth you want it. Young people tend to rush to have everything at once, which is why there are so many cases of student loan debt. Patience is the key to it.

Some of the world’s most successful people aren’t the ones born with silver spoons, but the person who works with diligence and sacrifices, avoiding debts and making cool financial plans.

Student loans hindering the American Dream

Student debt is a hindering event in America.

The data by the New York Federal Reserve Bank explained that American consumers owe a whopping $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, consisting of 44 million loan borrowers. The loan debts that throw impacts on the economy and the economical future.

On average, the student passed out of college by bearing educational debts around $33,800 and passing that debt in jobs could block the American Dream or qualify for mortgage aid.

A rise in college fee structure results in increased student debts when observed under the overall economic structure.

The repayment rate also slows down due to that, students will face a longer duration in clearing loans hampering them to pursue the American Dream.

Getting out of debt

The bottom aspect is knowing how to manage your financial status. Explore yourself and figure out ways to come out of debt. There are many solutions to be debt-free. Listed below are some of the areas you can focus on.

Managing your student loans

Learn to manage your debt status, start listings of your loan balances, the rate of interests, payments per month, and due dates. It gives you a clear preview of what you’ve repaid and what you owe.

Avail your student loan payments

Some of the ways can be:

  • Try to adapt ways to cut down your expenditures helping you gain more income.
  • Try to earn more with your manageable time practices.
  • Go for federal loan programs, federal loan assistance, federal loan refinancing if you want to decrease the loan payments or interest rates.
  • Making payments on time will maintain your credit history, and avoids consequences on federal student loans. ( The federal government deducts  your income, withholding tax refunds, decline future benefits)

Tip: Never miss on any payments, try to catch up with the deadlines, even if you have to pay it late.

Strategic student loan plans

Plan out your home or debt mode of payments at least inside 40% of your wage. It’ll definitely make a huge difference.

By doing so, you’ll be able to grow your bank account and tackle paycheck-to-paycheck, leading you to save a good amount of money to invest in your future or other purchases you desire for.

Managing with large payments on student loans

Mostly home payments and debt reach more than half of the expenses for youngsters. It leads to problems like

  • You own a few or no money to enjoy or make savings.
  • Closer to debt risks and deteriorated financial status.
  • Impacts on your wages and time.

In order to tackle those situations until you can stabilize your financial support, try opting for federal loans, qualifying for federal loan payments, refinancing your student loans, consolidating federal student loans.

Creating a student loan payoff plan

Make your payment plans run smoothly whether it be numerous or single student loans. Support your loan status by consolidating your federal student loans, or refinancing it. Either way, it’ll save you with a low rate of interest.

Having many loan payments, be smart enough to stick with your due dates.

Lessening your payments on student loan

An apt area to focus, manage your cash flow method, control your expenses especially on housing payments.

Federal student loans programs

Never miss applying for federal student loans. It comes with beneficial packages making your student debt less burdensome. Such programs provide options such as deferment, refinancing, income-based repayment plans, and loan forgiveness, depending on valid situations.

Stop your payments by deferment or forbearance

Using options like deferment and forbearance could freeze your loan payments for a while if you’re unable to pay on time, or have health-related issues. Your credit score won’t be affected, however, interest rates will continue to accrue.

Apply for it first with the help of your service.

Income-Based  Repayment

Even if you have a job, and your wage is mostly deducted by your student loan payments, then

IBR is complimentary for such cases.

For instance; using an IBR plan, you’ll have to pay a monthly payment as low as 8%-10% of your wage per month.

Student loan forgiveness is also encouraged under such plans. Your loan debt might be excused after 20 years and in only 10 years working in a qualifying public sector or non-profit job.

Consolidating loans

Students with heavy debts can always go for consolidating loans. The federal student loan consolidation option helps you lower your payment monthly, reducing interest rates.

It presents the overall loans by turning it into a single status and the due date.

College scholarships and grants

College scholarships and grants are like free money awarded to a student. Try to apply for scholarships in areas where you’re eligible. Examples include music, athletics, academics, and extracurricular activities. Try searching for debt-free scholarships.

Refinancing student loans

To refinance your student loans, a  permanent job, a well-maintained credit score, a cosigner with a good credit status are some of the points that are considered for its eligibility.

In addition, if you bear multiple numbers of loans with a high amount of interest costs, or having a private loan debt, refinancing your student loan could drive you to store your money and aid you in monthly payments.

Try in-state schools 

Average tuition fees for in-state school is $10,230 per year, and the average tuition fees for out-of-state is $26,290 per year. That is a huge difference between the budgets.

How much savings are covered through refinancing?

Track your savings or estimate the rate of interest or payments by using credible. SoFi and Earnest are some of the lenders forming student loan refinancing simpler via online application methods, and approval processes that track your savings or score.

Paying off student loans early

There are advantages and disadvantages to paying off student loans early. However, never rush when you’re paying for student loans. Think twice about your repayment plans.


The pros can be

  • Clearing off student loans frees you from debts, secure you with your money in terms of interests. For example; Making 120 scheduled monthly payments around $106, your loan will be paid off in 10 years with $2,728 interest rates with the main$10,000 student loan with a 10-year term at 5% APR.
  • Making double payments takes you out of debt as early as possible with low-interest rates.


The cons maybe

  • Investments for a longer period in the fluctuating market is risky.
  • You run out of financial support in case of emergencies.
  • I can’t preserve finance for sudden opportunities in life.

Personal loan

Maintaining good credit, not bearing heavy debts, then it is advantageous to exercise personal loans especially for consolidating debts.

The personal loans aid a consumer to clear off debts in a short span of time, which will not only reflect a good credit score but also drops the interest costs applied.

Take note that a personal loan has certain limitations depending on how much loan is taken by the consumer, which is not applicable to everyone.

Alternative options

Before a student invests their future and time with the wrong career plans and loan options, take a good look of the ways explained above.

For an effective method on your student loan plans, you can always look out ways and plan out by consulting with your manager or lender.


A student can always live up to their American dream. Learn to sacrifice, work real hard, be dedicated to your rules, and create a strategic plan.

Finding a way to pay for education is the foremost and first step to be considered in building a clean higher education.

Every year in America, half of the American students always struggle to clear off their loans or choose good payment options because of the fluctuating college costs and complexity in the educational and industrial system.

Reforming such principles and policies would not only create innovations, flexibility in work or career, but it’ll boost to put forward the brightest and best methods provided by the country in return to the community.

Improvising a student loan formation would empower coming American citizens to deliver their best for their families, especially for themselves.

Never ever let your debt block you from reaching the ultimate American Dream. Start planning by today.