Let’s cut down the chase, every millennial has acquired at least one loan in his life whether it is student loan or house loan or any a b…z loan. No one wants to live there life living paycheck to paycheck. I have seen my friends putting a banner in their room which says” debt free by 2023” and many more.

And the only road, my friends, I can see towards financial independence is to save as much as you work. It will be a struggle for the first few initial years but if you don’t suffer the pain of hard work now, you will suffer the pain of regret later.

Age is just a number when it comes to saving money or becoming debt free, the trick is to start right here and right now. Create more income or sell stuff, do whatever you can to treat your core problem. Every Buck Counts has all the solution towards your financial problem but first look at our easy ways to make and save money which you might not have tried just yet.

Make Money

  • Earn with Full-Time Job

The only hardcore way to earn a minimum of 5 digit salary is to work a full-time, 40 hours a week. With a minimum of 164,000 jobs added as of April according to USA Today, you can pretty much limit down your alternative to one. Whether you work as a teacher, doctor or software engineer you can at least take 40K a year.

The only way is to choose your stream carefully and start prepping up from high school itself.

  • Earn with Part-Time Job

Sometimes working 40 hours a week is not enough to fill your bill. At such time you require a side hustle to complete the required budget you need.

If you are a college student, part-time can serve as an opportunity to do what you’re passionate about or cover your expenses. You can work as a tutor, babysitter or freelance photographer. VipKid, Urbansitter, and Dreamstime respectively can help you earn a minimum of $10 on an hourly basis.

If you are a teacher or work as a full-time employee, start your side gig as a driver for Lyft (earn around $17.50 an hour), or work as a freelancer on Fiverr (earn $5 or more).

  • Earn with Work From Home

Working from home gives you the privilege to work as you like, in your own comfort zone and we get it, working a 9 to 5 hour job can leave you with no energy to even get up from the bed or you might just be a stay home mom or retired baby boomer whatever your condition is you can always work from home.

Become a part-time freelance writer by writing content for a website, Iwriter lets you do that.

If you are gifted with numbers start your bookkeeping business which pays almost $40,000 a year. Do you spend your free time surfing the net, doing online shopping? Become a mysterious shopper or earn through cash back from Walmart. Ebates gives you 10% cash back on every purchase.

  • Earn by Doing Nothing

If you knew that even doing nothing will return you something, don’t you want to do it? Sparing a few minutes of your free time or doing what you do can let you earn a fairly good wage.

Share your opinion by doing an online survey and earn as high as $10 Ebates, Inboxdollar, Swagbucks and many more offer survey which only take few minutes.

Sell your unwanted item on Craigslist or Swappa to earn extra bucks or start doing a clinical trial. Did you know that you can earn $70 by just selling your plasma?

If you have a spare house or apartment or even a room, register yourself as a host on Airbnb. There are gazillion ways to work by doing nothing search the net you might be able to grab something.

Save Money

  • Live Frugally

Frugality is recognized to be one of the most beautiful words in the world dominant language called “English”, and yet one that we are culturally disconnected from understanding and enjoying.

Being frugal does not mean being cheap, it means to avoid waste. Instead of Starbucks you can opt for a home-made coffee, try a no meat Monday challenge, not only does it will cut down the meat expense but down the line, you are reducing the risk of various diseases.

  • Use Grants instead of Loan

Grants are a great help if you want to cut down your mortgage numbers. Grants are free money you just have to look according to your need.

Need a student loan, NYU has declared to give full tuition scholarship to med students. You can also find funding for your new small business startup.

The good neighbor next door program allows people from various different fields to buy a home at 50% off the price list in certain areas.

The main point is instead of having a second or a third mortgage you can always take help from the government instead of getting heaps of loans.

  • Do a No spend Weekend Challenge

Saving money doesn’t have to start when you are on the verge of being broke. There are many fun things to do without money, and weekend happens to be the perfect time of the week.

Start your weekend by doing the necessary stuff like washing the piled up laundry, binge-watching your unfinished TV series, organize your wardrobe.

Stuff like this will not require you to spend a buck and will keep you occupied for the rest of the day.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge is power but knowledge without action is useless. Saving and making money goes hand in hand. If you are looking forward to having a day where you get your whole salary instead of deduction made for monthly payment or end of the month worries to pay your bills, it is much advisable to start saving up because without these getting financial freedom is still miles away.