At Debt Academy, we believe in keeping the best interest of our clients at heart, which is why we keep our focus on the client queries. We have encountered several issues faced by our clients, and one of these problems is the foggy understanding of the Debt Relief Programs. This is the reason why we have decided to address this issue and explain these programs in the most effective way possible. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at how debt relief programs can help you pay back your creditors and save money at the same time.

6 kinds of people

6 kinds of people

The debt solutions we offer

Debt Relief Options

Debt Relief Options

1) Debt Management

An ideal debt management program can get you the debt assistance in these ways:


  • Offers you decreased interest rates
  • Trim downs your monetary worries
  • Makes your credit shine with time


  • Only unsecured debts can be paid off
  • A budget must be followed

It is appropriate for those who can administer the bills after receiving debt relief counseling.

2) Debt Consolidation Programs

These debt relief services can grant you financial freedom in these ways:


  • Provides you with a flexible payment plan
  • Enable you to make a single monthly payment
  • Decrease collection calls, thus, stress


  • Existing financial habits must be changed
  • An amount has to be set aside every month

It is appropriate for those who can’t handle multiple bills at the same time.

3) Debt Settlement

A great debt settlement program can get you out of financial issues in these ways:


  • Get you lowered outstanding balance
  • Assists you in avoiding the collection exploitation
  • Helps you get rid of the debt rapidly


  • Not all creditors may agree to settle the debts
  • Money must be saved in a trust account

It is appropriate for those who want a low payoff amount.

4) Bankruptcy

This program can legally cancel your debts via Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


  • The bankruptcy trustee negotiates and shrinks your debts
  • The collection calls bring to an end automatically
  • Delays any foreclosure and verdict


  • Sticks to a credit report for up to 10 years
  • Liquidation of non-exempt assets

It is appropriate for those who are willing to liquidate the assets and pay off their debts.

When you choose a debt relief plan

  • You wish to get credit card relief fast
  • You don’t want to pay a huge fee for managing debts
  • You wish to work with a reputed firm
  • You want to get help legally
  • You need help to choose the best amongst debt relief plans
  • You want to get help legally
  • You wish to get debt relief assistance on credit card debts, medical bills, etc.

Selecting the best debt relief programs for yourself

There are a myriad of debt relief firms and programs available, but how to know which one to opt for? Follow these ways to find out.

  • First, get familiar with the term debt relief
  • Check online the debt relief services reviews
  • Search the phrase “how to get debt relief” in Google
  • Evaluate the results and get to know all the relevant programs
  • Conduct the analysis of every credit card relief program
  • Take time to think and then join a program

Helping you to pick the best relief solution

Well, we help you get the best option with the help of our unique approach. This approach helps you to:

  • Recognize the suitable debt relief solutions in accordance with your ongoing financial situation.
  • Modify the option when there is a change in your financial situation.